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Roaches in Cherokee County Georgia

German Roaches thrive in warm, humid environments. Parts of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms provide ideal locations for the roaches. The German roach is a scavenger, and can consume even the smallest amounts of food. They are also known to consume certain atypical food sources, such as the binding of books and toothpaste.

The German roach is infamous for its ability to rapidly reproduce. It is not uncommon for extensive infestations to be found hidden in homes. The German roach is most commonly brought into homes in boxes, bags, or any other container they can hide within.

Shortly after being introduced into a space, the German roach will often seek out a hidden area in which to spend time during the day, coming out at night to seek food. The females will create egg capsules, or ootheca, that can produce up to 50 roaches. The females will often carry these egg capsules around until they are ready to hatch, making it difficult to destroy the population inside of the home.

There are many easy to identify signs of roach infestation. The German roaches will often produce droppings that are dark in color. These will either be small and beadlike or just dark stains found around small cracks, wall openings, or the corners of rooms. Another sign is an unpleasant, musty odor that is produced by the roaches. This is caused by certain chemicals excreted by the roaches, and will be strongest near to their population center.

German roaches are difficult to remove. Their infestations are often massive, with a population that is rapidly reproducing and remains well hidden throughout the day. Because of the difficulty in identifying and treating the German roach, it is best to consult a pest control professional.

Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have had over 20 years of experience dealing with German roaches. Our technicians will assess your specific situation and find a safe, efficient, and affordable solution to any pest problem!

So if are having problems with German roaches, or simply have a question, call us today at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to help you in any way that we can!

Here’s to YOU living pest free!

By: Tim

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Merry Christmas

Christmas decoration on old grunge wooden board

Yuletide Invasions


     It’s Christmas time again, and along with that come the many wonderful traditions built into our families over generations, bringing joy to household after household. Several of these traditions come with some side effects, ones that perhaps are quite unexpected. Almost no one would think of how pest control can become an issue around Christmas time… Except for Canton Termite and Pest Control. We focus on these problems for you, so that you might be able to better enjoy your holiday time with the family! Let’s address some of the pest issues you might have so that you don’t get caught off guard.

The Christmas tree: It’s easy to forget that when you cut down a living tree and bring it into your home, you’re bringing a veritable ecosystem into the house! Christmas tree farm owners are caught in between a rock and a hard place when deciding whether or not to use pesticides on their trees, because if they don’t, bugs cover the Christmas trees, sometimes injuring them! If tree farm owners use too many pesticides, they themselves may injure the trees, or put too many chemicals on the trees for them to be safe for keeping in homes. They walk the line for us! Where does this leave you, the innocent guy/gal just looking to get a nice tree for your family? Well, you can first talk to the vendor you buy your Christmas tree from, and see what they’re doing to protect your interests in the tree market and the safety of your home. Then, once you have decided which tree you will purchase, look it over for visible bugs, and make your purchase! If we at Canton Termite and Pest Control service your home, then give us a call if you are bringing home a Christmas tree and are concerned about pests. We will protect your home from potential issues with the tree and other winter pest control problems, such as those mentioned below.

The National Pest Management Association has provided you with some advice on how to protect your home!

“- Seal cracks and holes on the outside of your home to help prevent rodents from getting inside. Be sure to check the areas where utilities and pipes enter the home. A mouse   can fit    through a hole the size of a dime.

– Replace loose mortar and weather stripping around the basement foundation and


– Store firewood at least 20 feet from the home. Mice and ants can make their nests in wood                                   piles and easily gain access to your home if the pile is nearby.

– Rodents can hide in clutter, so keep storage areas well organized, and store boxes off of the


– Eliminate all moisture sites, including leaking pipes and clogged drains. Extra attention

should be paid to kitchens and bathrooms as these areas are particularly vulnerable to                         cockroach infestations.

– Install door sweeps and repair damaged screens in windows.

– Screen vents to chimneys. Keep attics, basements and crawl spaces well ventilated and    dry.” (NPMA)

Even though the mosquitoes, gnats, and other bothersome pests that fly around during the warmer months may not be around, other insects, rodents, and pests will enjoy the chestnuts you roast over an open fire if you don’t prevent their presence by contacting a professional. Here are some other tips when preparing for the Christmas season.

1- Check your décor before you put it up: The tendency of bugs, rodents and other pests to invade boxes in the attic or basement is well known, so keep that in mind as you unbox your elves and nativity scenes!

2- If it’s coming inside, look for bugs: Don’t forget that we bring in other Christmas items besides trees. Live garlands and wreaths will be nice homes for mites, spiders, aphids, and even fire ants! Make sure to check for sure creatures before allowing their presence in your home. They make the holiday cheer much less enjoyable!

3- Check your coats: If your winter coats and boots just sit in the closet for months at a time until they are needed, make sure to perhaps wash them or clean them thoroughly to make sure that there are no fabric-devouring moths or dangerous brown-recluse spiders hiding. Canton Termite and Pest Control can easily handle these problems and eliminate chance of future problems with routine inspections and treatments, so make sure to mention this to the pest control professional that visits your home!

4- If it’s firewood, burn it: Keep firewood away from the home until you are ready to burn it— many bugs enjoy the protection of the logs in the colder temperatures, and if you bring the logs inside where it is warm, then the bugs have new areas to explore!


If you need more advice on how to protect your home from invasion during the winter months, feel free to call Canton Termite and Pest Control at 770-479-1598. We will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can.

God bless and Merry Christmas!cropped-logo-SQ.jpg


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Our Reviews
Gary Brumage
Gary Brumage

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Wow, awesome service and can do attitude! We have been bothered by critters in the attic, flying squirrels, for some time. After many sleepless nights, home remedies, and ear plugs, we knew we had to do something else. We called one of the "big" companies and got a "huge" price with no other options.. We knew there had to be a better way so we called Canton Termite and Pest Control. William came out and did a thorough inside and outside inspection , quickly figured out the problem, and fixed it just about as fast. He thought the problem was solved but left traps in place for a few days. After five of the best sleep nights we have had in months we are convinced the problem has been well corrected. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Canton Termite and Pest Control for any job they feel qualified to take on. Many Thanks, Gary Brumage, Lake Arrowhead, Waleska

Jamie O'Neill
Jamie O'Neill

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Just wanted to thank our exterminator Joel @Canton Termite for not only responding very quickly when we had a minor insect infestation but for ensuring we stay bug free with our normal service. He always gives us plenty of notice and arrives on time and does a very professional job. Also want to thank the entire team... Tim, Ed, William and Brent for doing an awesome job with my home and my rental homes for the last few years. Keep up the great work...

valerie hultquist
valerie hultquist

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

HONEST, HELPFUL, NOT IN BUSINESS TO RIP PEOPLE OFF! I called this company and spoke with a gentleman regarding a strange substance on the exterior of our home. I thought it might be termites because the paint was removed from the area as though it was being eaten. He asked me to email him a photo. He called me back and assured me it was not termites. He and the owner of the company gave me some suggestions of how to treat this mold-type substance. This could have easily gone in the opposite direction and charged me lots of $ to investigate a pest problem. No need to wonder if you will get a fair, honest deal with this company. They have a perfect 5 star rating because they have earned it the old fashioned way - by being honest.

James Pritchett
James Pritchett

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Last year the Cherokee County senior center assisted in me in finding a company to take care of a roach infestation in my home. I had tried several companies but I kept paying and the roaches never went away. William Botts with Canton Termite and Pest control came out and in 2 treatments got the job done. I am on a fixed income and appreciated the integrity and quality of this company. Today I realized I never thanked Canton Termite and Pest Control. I am thankful for what they did for me and refer my friends and anyone else who ask. They get the job done!

Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I called William for a problem with carpenter bees. He was at my home within the hour. Problem solved. As we chatted I mentioned that in the spring we had birds nesting in our attic, now gone, but expected to return next year. He took the time to inspect the attic to figure out how they were getting in, and seal off the entrance... no additional charge. In short, he solved next years problem as a "good will" gesture (no pun intended). Great job. Great service. Did I mention William is now on my speed dial?

Family Life Magazine Award
Better Business Bureau