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Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be a fun affair. There are a lot of options and details to consider, and it is important to do everything right to avoid having any difficulties or expense down the road. While most people are aware of this, one commonly neglected detail of such renovations is how they will impact your home’s risk of pest infestation.

If done incorrectly, renovation and expansion of a home can result in a sudden incursion of pests resulting in damage and expense for homeowners.

So the question you may have is: what steps should you take to ensure remodeling does not expose your home to pest risks?

Pest activity is often heavily linked to the existence of what are known as conducive environmental conditions. These are certain conditions that determine whether or not a pest infestation could thrive in a certain environment. These conditions vary from species to species, but generally speaking all pests require a few major conditions to be ideal such as temperature, moisture level, and food availability.

When you are performing remodeling projects on your home, it is possible that you could be changing certain environmental conditions, making an area previously pest free into an infestation hotspot.

The most common instances in which this can occur are when homes are expanded or unfinished areas are completed. When you complete an unfinished area such as a basement, the change in temperature can sometimes produce moisture content in and around the wooden structure of the home, and thus oftentimes can attract various wood destroying pests such as wood decaying fungi, termites, and powderpost beetles. These types of pests can cause major trouble for homeowners, and can quickly cause damage that is expensive to repair.

Thus, when you remodel a part of your home, it is important to consult with your pest control provider to avoid creating any unknown vulnerabilities in your pest protection.


This is especially true if you are expanding the structure of the home, as this can create a hole in external treatments such as bait station systems and thus allow pests to sneak past. Oftentimes, it is best to get advice from a pest control professional before you begin renovations, as there are a variety of treatment options such as borate products that can more permanently protect your home if applied during construction.

Beyond structural changes, you should also pay careful attention to the materials that you are using in renovation. The popular trend of using “reclaimed wood” and antiques from deteriorated structures such as barns can create a various pest vulnerabilities. Not only are these types of wood often untreated, they may also have a pest infestation active inside the wood. This can result in a homeowner unknowingly bringing an infestation into the heart of their home.

Even new materials can present risks if they are not properly stored. One of the most common mistakes made at new builds or renovation projects is to leave building materials unprotected at the job site. These materials can become a hiding place for a variety of pests such as spiders, roaches, and termites.

For this reason, it is important make sure to keep properly store any building materials and to have those materials, new or otherwise, carefully inspected for signs of pest damage before bringing them into your home. This is a job best left to a pest professional, as the evidence of certain types of pests can be very subtle.

In conclusion, if you are considering renovations for your home, make sure that you take the proper steps required to protect your home from pests. If you have any questions regarding specific renovations, it can often help to call your local pest professional and consult them regarding any plans or necessary pre-treatment. Oftentimes there are a variety of pretreatment options that you could consider that will same you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

If you are a Cherokee County resident in need of pest control services, Canton Termite and Pest Control is your one call solution! We have been in the pest and wildlife business for decades, and we have a variety of safe, targeted treatment approaches designed to deal with any pest problem quickly and effectively!

So if you are considering renovations, or have any other pest problems, call us today at 770-479-1598!

Start your PEST FREE life TODAY!


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Roaches in Cherokee County Georgia

German Roaches thrive in warm, humid environments. Parts of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms provide ideal locations for the roaches. The German roach is a scavenger, and can consume even the smallest amounts of food. They are also known to consume certain atypical food sources, such as the binding of books and toothpaste.

The German roach is infamous for its ability to rapidly reproduce. It is not uncommon for extensive infestations to be found hidden in homes. The German roach is most commonly brought into homes in boxes, bags, or any other container they can hide within.

Shortly after being introduced into a space, the German roach will often seek out a hidden area in which to spend time during the day, coming out at night to seek food. The females will create egg capsules, or ootheca, that can produce up to 50 roaches. The females will often carry these egg capsules around until they are ready to hatch, making it difficult to destroy the population inside of the home.

There are many easy to identify signs of roach infestation. The German roaches will often produce droppings that are dark in color. These will either be small and beadlike or just dark stains found around small cracks, wall openings, or the corners of rooms. Another sign is an unpleasant, musty odor that is produced by the roaches. This is caused by certain chemicals excreted by the roaches, and will be strongest near to their population center.

German roaches are difficult to remove. Their infestations are often massive, with a population that is rapidly reproducing and remains well hidden throughout the day. Because of the difficulty in identifying and treating the German roach, it is best to consult a pest control professional.

Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have had over 20 years of experience dealing with German roaches. Our technicians will assess your specific situation and find a safe, efficient, and affordable solution to any pest problem!

So if are having problems with German roaches, or simply have a question, call us today at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to help you in any way that we can!

Here’s to YOU living pest free!

By: Tim

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Canton Termite & Pest Control – Silverfish pest


There are several types of pests that are particularly good at remaining undetected while active inside your home. Of those pests, one of the most common is the silverfish.

Silverfish are small insects. They are grayish-blue in coloration, and are approximately 3/4 inch in length. They are often described as “teardrop shaped” and have three long bristles extending from the rear of their body. As they develop, silverfish undergo the process of gradual metamorphosis, and for this reason they are indistinguishable in appearance from when they hatch to adulthood.


Silverfish can survive in almost any environmental conditions, however they typically prefer dark areas with high humidity. Areas that fit this description are plentiful around the home, and many times silverfish can be found in secluded areas such as basements, vents, storage areas, and bathrooms. Silverfish are nocturnal, and will spend the daylight hours in hiding. Their nocturnal habits as well as their choice of generally secluded spaces can make it very difficult for homeowners to locate the source of a silverfish infestation.

Silverfish can reproduce relatively quickly. Though rates of reproduction vary by species, in some cases each individual female can lay clusters of eggs daily. In areas of high humidity, silverfish reproduce more quickly, and can become a major problem in your home in a short period of time.

The diet of the silverfish consists almost entirely of carbohydrates. They feed on almost any kind of starch or sugar, and can consume cellulose products, shampoos, glue, paper, and dead insects. Silverfish are notorious for getting inside food storage containers. Once they are inside, they will contaminate the food and this can cause a great deal of food waste if left unchecked.

While they do not cause any structural damage to homes, silverfish can ruin any papers, clothing, and food they are able to access. This can be a major frustration for homeowners because it is often difficult to identify what pest is causing the damage and where the source of the infestation is located within the home.

Like many pests, the best way for homeowners to deal with silverfish is to prevent an infestation in the first place. Removing conditions that are conducive for infestation, such as high humidity in vents and crawlspaces, can help to keep silverfish out of secluded areas in and around your home.

If an infestation is already active inside your home, it can be difficult to deal with without professional assistance. Many DIY pest products only work to eliminate silverfish while they are moving at night, and therefore do nothing to deal with the source of the infestation. If you are dealing with a severe infestation of silverfish, it is almost always easier to rely on a professional pest service to eliminate the problem.

Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, our team has decades of experience dealing with pests of all kinds. Our technicians can thoroughly inspect your home, locate the source of the problem, and provide you with the best solutions to deal with your particular situation!

So if you are having problems with silverfish, or simply have a question, call us today at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to help you in any way that we can!

Here’s to YOU living pest free!

By: Tim

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New for 2017

As we move into the New Year, we here at Canton Termite and Pest Control have been tirelessly working to find ways to better serve our customers. One major innovation that we are introducing the in the New Year is new software to overhaul our communications, scheduling, and customer service methods.

Starting immediately, we will be using our new software system to better serve you in all aspects of our business. This new system will allow us to keep better records of termite activity and monitor existing bait stations. This means that our technicians will be able to stay informed of the status of bait stations around your property and we will be able to keep your home’s preventative treatment systems in perfect shape year round.

This system will also create a collective system of notes for all customers, so that our technicians can make notes about for future reference about aspects of each specific service. Any problems or concerns that you might have will now be noted so that they can be further addressed in the future if necessary. This will allow any knowledge that is pertinent to servicing each house universally available to our entire team, helping our staff to be able to better serve you!

We will also be implementing a new system that will monitor the activity of different pests in each of our service areas. This will allow us to track trends and monitor population density of different pests. By doing this, we will be able to more accurately predict the seasons of high activity for common pests and administer preventative treatment before they become a problem in and around your home.

We have also overhauled the formats of all of paper working relate to services. In the 2nd quarter of 2017, you can expect to see new service paperwork on your doors. This newly reformatted paperwork will provide you with a comprehensive view of your service or inspection, which will help to clear up any potential confusion and make service run more smoothly.

One of our biggest and most requested change is the addition of our new Call Ahead notification system. This system will send you a reminder notification the day before any service or inspections. This will give you the time that you need to make preparations for allowing the technician access to the house and to make arrangements for any pets. The new system will also make it much easier for you to better communicate with our home office and receive any assistance that you might need.

While we are excited to have these new innovations to our company, we are aware that too much technology can be a bad thing. So, despite these new systems that we are putting in place, you can rest assured that you will continue to receive the fast, friendly, and solution oriented service that you have received for all this time from your hometown pest control company!

If you have any questions about our new services, please feel free to call us at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to help you in any way that we can!

By: Tim

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Cucarcha – Canton Georgia

Hay muchas diferentes clases de plagas que causan problemas en Georgia. Sin embargo hay unas pocas bien adaptadas para vivir dentro de las casas tales como las cucarachas alemanas. La cucaracha alemana es pequeña, es una plaga de color bronceado que se puede encontrar con frecuencia dentro de las casas y de otras estructuras. Durante este tiempo del año, con frecuencia recibimos llamadas que varían de las áreas rurales como Waleska y Ballground hasta áreas más urbanas y pobladas  como Woodstock, Marietta y Alpharetta. De hecho, la cucaracha alemana es considerada como la plaga  que más se distribuye extensamente en los Estados Unidos.

Smokey Brown Roach in North Georgia

En el Sureste, la cucaracha alemana puede ser algunas veces confundida con la cucaracha asiática, la cual es muy similar. Estas se distinguen por su comportamiento. Mientras que la  cucaracha asiática se encuentra con frecuencia en las afueras, la cucaracha alemana raramente, si alguna vez, puede encontrarse afuera.

Las cucarachas alemanas sobreviven en ambientes húmedos y templados. Partes del hogar tales como la cocina y los baños proveen ubicaciones ideales para las cucarachas. La cucaracha alemana es un limpiador, y puede consumir incluso las cantidades más pequeñas de comida. También son conocidas por  consumir ciertas fuentes atípicas de alimentos, como la encuadernación de libros y pasta de dientes.

La cucaracha alemana es famosa por su habilidad para reproducirse rápidamente. Es frecuente encontrar infestaciones extensas escondidas en los hogares. La cucaracha alemana es más comúnmente traída a los hogares en cajas, bolsas o cualquier otro contenedor donde se pueden esconder.

Poco después de haberse introducido en un espacio, la cucaracha alemana con frecuencia, busca un área escondida donde pasa el tiempo durante el día, saliendo por la noche para buscar comida. Las hembras crean cápsulas de huevo, u ooteca, que pueden producir hasta 50 cucarachas. Las hembras cargan  a menudo estas cápsulas de huevos hasta que estén listas para salir, dificultando así la destrucción de la población dentro del  hogar.

Hay muchas señales fáciles para identificar la infestación de cucarachas. Las cucarachas alemanas a menudo producen excrementos de color oscuro. Estos serán pequeños y con forma de bolas o simplemente manchas oscuras que se encuentran alrededor de pequeñas grietas de la pared, o en las esquinas de los cuartos.  Otra señal es un desagradable olor a humedad que es producido por las cucarachas. Esto es causado por ciertos productos químicos excretados por las cucarachas y el olor será más fuerte cerca de su centro de población.

Las cucarachas alemanas son difíciles de eliminar. Sus infestaciones son a menudo masivas, con una población que se reproduce rápidamente y que permanece bien escondida durante el día. Debido a la dificultad en la identificación y el tratamiento de la cucaracha alemana, lo mejor es consultar a un profesional de control de plagas.

Aquí, en Canton Termite y Pest Control, tenemos  más de 20 años de experiencia lidiando con cucarachas alemanas. Nuestros técnicos evaluarán su situación específica y hallarán una solución segura, eficiente y asequible para cualquier problema de plagas.

Si usted tiene  problemas con las cucarachas alemanas, o simplemente tiene preguntas, llámenos hoy al 770-479-1598! Estaremos encantados de asistirleen lo que podamos!


Aquí está para usted la vida libre de plagas!

By: Tim

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Termite Letter

Termite inspection for selling a house.

When you are selling a home in Georgia, it is important to have a Wood Infestation Inspection Report done for the property prior to closing. Generally, the lender prefers to see the report dated within 30 days of closing. The Wood Infestation Inspection Report, or WIIR, is a form that is used to report any possible evidence of infestation inside of a home or other structure before it can be sold. To acquire this form, you must call in a licensed pest control company to inspect the property and issue the completed form. Realtors will often list this form as a “Termite Letter,” but it actually covers many other wood consuming pest organisms.

Real Estate Agent

The average cost of this form is around $150, however some companies will offer this service for free or at a reduced cost to their existing customers. In many states, the form that is required is designated as National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Form 33. In Georgia, however, the WIIR form replaces the national one. It is still a valid replacement even if the lender is from another state.


When performing the inspection, the technician may need to look through the entire property, but generally the focus is on areas with ground contact. This report and the subsequent inspection covers the 5 most common wood destroying organisms.


Covered by the form:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • Wood Boring Beetles
  • Dry Wood Termites
  • Wood Decaying Fungus


The technician will complete the inspection of the property, and then will report whether or not the home has an active infestation or if it has conditions conducive to future infestation such as earth to wood contact. Technicians will also report any inaccessible areas such as insulation in crawl spaces or closed off areas. Those areas that are reported are marked as unconfirmed areas and special attention should be paid to them.


It is also important to note that the WIIR form comes with a 90 day guarantee. If an infestation of wood destroying organisms is found during that time, the company that issued the report will generally treat the property for free, however they are not responsible for the repair of damage caused by the wood destroying organisms. If the property is found to have an active infestation or undisclosed damage from pests, it must be treated and then inspected again before a sale can move forward.


If you are attempting to sell or buy any property, it is important to have a diligent inspection from a certified company. A trained technician will not only be able to confirm the status of infestation in the home, but also ensure that the WIIR is correctly filled out. This is important to protect buyers from purchasing homes with undisclosed active infestations as well as protecting sellers from being held responsible for possible future infestations that did not precede the sale.


In recent years, it has become common for real estate agents to recommend a pre-inspection. While this can be more expensive, it is often better to have this inspection to find any pest problems before any potential buyers are involved.


Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have decades of experience completing WIIR inspections for homeowners and real estate agencies. Our technicians can inspect your home and complete the WIIR requirements to allow your deal to move forward. If we find an active infestation in your home, we will apply the cost of the inspection to your treatment, saving you time and money!


So if you need a Wood Infestation Inspection Report, or simply have a question, call us today at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to help you in any way that we can!


Here’s to YOU living pest free!

By: Tim

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Bugs-Canton Termite and Pest control

Bugs and You: Cockroaches, Flies, and other nasty pests

Smokey Brown Roach in North Georgia

Smokey Brown Roach in North Georgia


  It may not seem commonplace to throw your food away if a fly lands on it—rather, most people will swipe at the fly to get it to go away, and then continue eating. What you are about to read may change your mind about whether or not that is what you choose to do.

All flies carry pathogens, mass amounts of bacteria, and disgusting habits that spread those microscopic dangers anywhere they land. When we speak of yellow fever, dengue fever, or typhoid fever, dysentery, malaria, and encephalitis, then a fly is involved in getting the organisms that cause those diseases to the victim. Biting flies and house flies alike, big problems can be caused by letting these insects hang around. The house fly is related to the above-mentioned diseases as well as anthrax and conjunctivitis! None of these diseases are enjoyable, and some of them are lethal. How often do you consider potential exposure to these diseases before you let your children eat after a fly lands on their food?

Let our professionals at Canton Termite and Pest Control help you deal with these pests! Call today at 770-479-1598. Now even though gnats may not be what you consider to be a fly, they pose similar threats, though less severe in ways. As stated in an article written earlier in the year for Canton Termite and Pest Control, you can have an infestation of several species, ranging from black gnats to fungus gnats, and their associated larvae. Depending on the species, gnats can post not just an annoyance to your family and friends, but a danger to your well-being. Particularly, female black gnats feed on blood, and can transmit multiple diseases to animals and humans alike.

Gnats will populate at a high rate, and their swarms will cause harm to anyone around them if they bite. When you consider the problems that gnats cause beyond simply irritation and even danger to your family, there is a host of issues that will present themselves. The first of these is what fungus gnats can do to plants. When a plant is repetitively overwatered, this is a good location for fungus gnats to lay their eggs. These eggs hatch quickly, and the larvae will feed on the plant itself. This will cause acute harm to the plant and eventually death, if the gnats are not dealt with, and this problem will repeat itself if standing water continues to be available to the adult fungus gnats for laying eggs. Due to the speed of their reproduction, fungus gnats

Canton Termite And Pest Control

can pose a threat to any kind of plant, whether they are decorative or edible plants. It is important to consult and/or bring in a professional to respond to gnat infestations of any sort because of the danger that the gnats will pose to plants, animals and humans. If you are worried about what gnats might be in your home and how to deal with them, call us today! I will mention one more bug and be done—cockroaches. Cockroaches are a well-known pest in America, are often used to represent filth and uncleanliness in a variety of media. What was previously considered just to be a smelly, unpleasant bug is now seen as a clear threat to human health.


Cockroaches quite often are the cause of allergic reactions in people with a predisposed allergy to the bug, causing dangerous asthmatic attacks to occur just from walking into a home or room. Cockroaches also are associated with gradual allergy development, meaning that you can become allergic if you are continually exposed to the bugs in your home! Children are especially vulnerable to this because they spend more time indoors, on the floor, etc. If a child obtains an allergy from being in an infested home, they will begin to have asthma attacks of increasing severity.

This can absolutely be life-threatening, and needs to be dealt with immediately. The allergies may not be able to be changed, but you can rid your home of the cockroaches by calling a  professional at Canton Termite and Pest Control today! Cherokee County is known to have cockroach infestations in some homes simply due to t

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) on white background

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys)

he population of cockroaches in the area, so if you think yours might be one of those homes, then call us immediately, even if you aren’t sure! We can do a thorough inspection and ensure protection of your home and, more importantly, you and your family.




If you would like more information about cockroaches, flies, or gnats, then refer to other pages of Canton Termite and Pest Control’s website for detailed descriptions of each pest! If you have wildlife problems such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, snakes, or others, then access our wildlife website for more information on those pests! In either case, Canton Termite and Pest Control is dedicated to quality service in the area you need, when you need it. Have a blessed day!

— This article was authored by  Tim McWhirter Jr., Owner of Canton Termite and Pest Control

Call Tim today at 770-479-1598

By: Tim

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Pest Control in Cherokee County

  Call the Exterminator!

    Every year, pests of all kinds cause monumental damage around the world. In the United States, the termite alone causes approximately $5 Billion dollars in damage expenses every year. It would be almost impossible to calculate the total damage that pests of all kinds cause in the world. Beyond simply their economic impact, pests such as mosquitoes spread a variety of diseases that have caused millions of deaths and terrible suffering around the world.cropped-logo-SQ.jpg


In the United States, we are very fortunate to live in a place that is free of many of the most dangerous types of pests. However, pests still cause a many problems to the millions of homeowners and businesses in our country. These problems range from simply being an annoyance to costly damage to homes and other buildings.


It is very clear that pests are responsible for substantial damage. Because of this, it is important that those who deal with such pests be well trained and knowledgeable about all of the potential pests they might encounter may face as well as the best methods for dealing with those pests. Being able to solve pest problems in the safest and most efficient way is the most important skill in the pest control industry.


Every year, we are faced with new and unique problems. Diseases such as the Zika Virus are spreading at alarming rates with insects acting as the vectors. Crops that provide desperately needed sustenance and a livelihood for those in the agriculture industry around the world are at risk of being destroyed by destructive species such as the Japanese Beetles.


It is also important to note that many of species that can be considered pests have important roles in maintaining ecological balance in the world. While the primary goal of pest control is to solve pest problems, we all have a responsibility to protect and preserve our world. When dealing with pest problems, companies and technicians should always remain aware of the broader impact on the environment. Every pest control company should be committed to dealing with pests using methods with minimal negative impact on the environment.


german cockroach

Pest control is a broad and varied field. There are thousands of different potential pests that homeowners can face, all with different traits and specific challenges. In the decades that I have spent in the industry, I have gained a great deal of experience and insight into dealing with pest problems in a variety of environments and with various degrees of severity. I operate my business with the understanding that every customer that my team and I interact with is has unique problems that are of great importance. Because of that, understanding each customer’s problems and solving them in the best way possible is the ultimate goal of my business. In my opinion, good service starts with being able to empathize with the concerns of my employees and my customers. I work every single day with that goal in mind, and I consider being committed to that goal a requirement for every person who I employ within my company.


As the owner of Canton Termite and Pest Control, I take great pride in being the head of a company that provides an industry leading quality of service at an affordable price. Pests plague nearly every part of the world. Many homeowners have have first hand experience the frustration, fear, and expense that pests can cause. In some cases, these difficulties can be compounded when homeowners have difficulty finding a reliable pest control company. I have heard thousands of stories of people who have had to deal with companies with high prices, inexperienced technicians, and poor customer service.


When you have pest problems, you should not have to just hope that you get a good company, you should be able to use a company that you can trust to do the job right every time. For over 20 years, we here at Canton Termite and Pest Control have always striven to provide the best possible service for all of our customers. I believe that a business owner’s ideals are directly reflected in his company, and I am proud to lead a company that has a reputation of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction.


To most people, pest control is probably not considered to be a particularly important profession. However, the damage and suffering caused Do it your selfby pests around the world is an issue of global relevance. For this reason, the research and work done by the pest control industry are necessary to counteract and minimize the problems that pests cause around the world. In the same way that doctors are responsible for treating every patient with the utmost care, I have always considered it a responsibility to solve any pest problem, big or small, with diligence and consideration. This philosophy has had an influential role in how I lead my company. For this reason, Canton Termite and Pest Control will always work towards the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our business.


When you call Canton Termite and Pest Control, you can always expect to receive the best service. Our team of highly trained experts who will work tirelessly to solve your problems with a focus on safety and quality, all at a fair, affordable price. Pest problems are frustrating enough without having to deal with a untrained or unreliable company, so when you need help with pests of any kind, you should choose the company that you know you can trust to do the job right!

So if you live in Cherokee county Georgia and have a problems with pests, there is no need to take a chance with a company you do not trust, call us today at 770-479-1598 and you can be sure your pest problems are behind you!


Here’s to YOU living pest free!

By: Tim

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Termite in the yard?

If you want to protect your home from termites, the best method you can use is to have a termite inspection every year.  Your home will need a termite treatment every 5-7 years. This insures that you are up to date with your termite protection and that you do not have any infestations within your home. At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have been doing termite inspections for over 25 years. Our technicians are some of the best trained people for the job. We have dealt with termites in every setting so we know the best methods of protecting your home from termite infestation.

Call Today 770-479-1598

By: Tim

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Big Mosquitoes ? Giant Mosquitoes- Crane flies

Crane Flies not a Mosquito – Canton Termite and Pest Control


             Crane flies are some of the more greatly misunderstood insects around. Appearing to most people as gigantic mosquitoes, they are quite often falsely accused of biting and performing Dracula-esque actions on humans and pets. The crane fly doesn’t even have the body parts required to bite anything like a human or pet, so, though confusing in appearance, they certainly cannot suck your blood! The American Mosquito Control Association has this to say about crane flies:Canton Termite and pest control

“Crane Flies (Tipulidae) are delicate insects varying in size from ¼ inch to as large as 1½    inches in length. The largest crane flies are sometimes called ‘daddy-long-legs’, ‘gully     nippers’, or “mosquito hawks”. However, they do not bite people and they do not eat          mosquitoes. Some species of crane flies emerge from aquatic sources and others from       terrestrial or decaying vegetation sources. Crane flies are not predacious and usually many      times larger than a typical mosquito. Adults are strongly attracted to porch lights. The larvae live in loose soil or organic matter and feed on the roots of plants.”


These insects are also called Mosquito Hawks, a name to which they have no claim whatsoever. The crane fly cannot, again, bite much of anything because of the way they are made, and so as a result, they are not predatory at all. What then do crane flies actually eat? Well, they mostly eat decaying plant matter, but not much! You see, crane flies only live in the adult stage you see flying around for a period of a few days, so they do not actually need to eat very much at all. Crane flies spend most of their lives in the larval stage, which has quite a large number of morphologies. This means, essentially, that they all can look different and be capable of performing different survival techniques through mechanisms they have been provided with to survive. There are more than 15,000 different species of crane flies! Here are some awesome examples of the different ways that the larvae of crane flies may appear under the soil of your yard, provided by Matthew Bertone, PhD:

“Some of them have inflatable rear ends that they use to move through soil more easily,    some have fringed setae on the end to break the water tension, and some have these weird         creeping structures, sort of like caterpillar prolegs with hooks on them, so it’s extremely     variable. We don’t know much about the larvae. In fact, for many species, we have never seen         the larvae… Most of the {adult} crane flies have big eyes, but we don’t know how good their           vision is and how much that’s used to sense where they’re going. The males in some of the groups have antennae with really elongate segments compared to females, but we don’t            know what the purpose of that is.”


As far as the adult form of the crane fly, Bertone has this to say:

“I’m always seeing photos of new ones, and it just blows my mind how they look or how they have all these crazy modifications. There are strange, wingless, spider-like snow crane flies that are thought to live in animal burrows and crawl underneath the snow; there are small, hairy ones; there are larger ones; there are lots of them that suck nectar — it’s a really diverse and pretty amazing group.”


This means there is incredible variety in development among the species, but I digress. Let me speak for a moment regarding the aspects of crane flies that affect your home, yard, and family.


Crane flies cause no harm to other creatures. This means that, although they look like super-sized mosquitoes, they are just harmless bugs that fly around and bother you sometimes; however, crane flies have been known to damage some kinds of turf in yards by feeding on the roots. UCIPM, a statewide integrated pest management program in California, has done some research on the damage to turf that crane flies can cause, and what to do about it:
“Affected turf appears as dying patches. Feeding damage may be apparent on roots, crowns,and aboveground portions of grass plants. Weeds may invade areas of dying turfgrass. Adults do not damage grass or feed at all. Although sometimes called ‘mosquito hawks, crane flies do not feed on mosquitoes or other insects or harm people… Turf can easily recover from crane fly feeding if properly maintained. Follow                 recommended irrigation and fertilization practices for your turf species. Crane flies are often associated with wet or waterlogged areas. Remove excess thatch and aerate to stimulate root growth and improve water and nutrient movement into the soil. Reduce shady areas by    pruning back tree branches to allow more light to reach the turf during the early morning and late afternoon. Beneficial nematodes may help reduce high populations.”


If you have a question about what crane flies might be doing you your yard, call us here at Canton Termite and Pest Control Today at 770-479-1598! For more information on crane flies, the articles below should be helpful. These articles and their sources were used to help write this blog post! Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through Canton Termite and Pest Control’s website, email, or by phone.

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Family life Magazine- Canton Termite & Pest Control

Canton’s Hometown Exterminator

Canton Termite and Pest Control has had the honor of being featured this month in the Canton Family Life magazine. As a small business owner, I recognize the value of community, and being able to work with a local publication has been both an honor and a pleasure.

I have always wanted to convey to my customers that they are more to me than simply a number, they are my neighbors. I hope to have future opportunities to work with Canton Family Life as well as other local businesses and organizations!



Canton Termite Cover 4-16Canton Termite and pest control

If you live in or near Cherokee County or any neighboring Georgia counties, and you feel out of your depth with your pest problems, remember that Canton Termite and Pest Control offers FREE Inspections and FREE Estimates.

We will help you identify your problem and help you solve it QUICKLY and SAFELY!

Call us today at 770-479-1598 to schedule your appointment.

By Tim

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The Best Termite and Pest Control in Cherokee County

Your Hometown Termite and Pest Control Company.

Marsha Mudrey Rating Review posted on
Mar 21, 2016
Five stars plus!! As a customer of Canton Termite & Pest Control for many years, I can attest to Tim’s professionalism, integrity and top notch customer service. He has always been there to provide the best service and peace of mind as far as my being able to enjoy a pest-free home. I highly recommend Canton Termite & Pest Control to anyone seeking pest control services!
Morgan Spriggs Rating Review posted on
Mar 11, 2016
Tim promptly returned my calls, was informative and knowledgable. The technician, Mr. Botts was prompt and curtious . He had to rearrange some boxes in my basement and did so without complaint. By far the best pest company I’ve ever used and will use again!!
John Craig Rating Review posted on
Mar 2, 2016
Canton Termite has been great to work with. They have installed termite traps around the perimeter of my home and removed squirrels from my attic. Always there when they say they will be, reasonably priced and just generally good to work with. I would recommend them highly.
Sherri Madden Rating Review posted on
Feb 10, 2016
We have been a customer for over 18 years and are extremely happy with the service Tim & his staff provide. They have NEVER been late for an appointment, they are courteous, trustworthy, and very knowledgable. Several of our friends and family members are now using them and we are are all happy!
Judy Storey Rating Review posted on
Jan 27, 2016
Have had great service fromTim and his workers for three years, He helped me get a squirrel out of the attic two years ago and then sealed the attic to prevent that again. GREAT GREAT Service.
Brett Campbell Rating Review posted on
Jan 13, 2016
When we first became aware of our bug problem it was a bit overwhelming. Ignorance was not bliss. Then we called Tim McWhirter at Canton Termite and Pest Control. He and Joel came out to evaluate our situation. Tim took the time to explain to us the different options and their corresponding effects. He was thorough, knowledgable and reassuring. He didn’t try to sell us anything but instead made us feel like it was his house he was treating. He educated us on the nature of our specific pest, on what we could do prior to the treatment and the science behind the effectiveness of the service that he would provide. He also readily and patiently answered our many questions. When Joel came out to treat our house he clearly explained what he would do, then what we should do afterwards. He took the time to insure our home was treated properly and completely. And like the first visit Joel was very encouraging! We are grateful for finding Canton Termite and Pest Control. If you have a problem with bugs these are the guys you should call!
Jim Holloway Rating Review posted on
Dec 9, 2015
You will not find a more dependable service. We have been customers for 15 years and couldnt be happier. Tim and his group are great people with a great business.
Janet parker Rating Review posted on
Sep 15, 2015
wow really scary open closet door there was a snake a snake is a snake to me sent a message out what to do I was scared but he comes William Botts yeah he had that snake in about 2 minutes he was great he got the snake explained he was gonna release it back to the wild explained what kind it was and put stuff around my house so no more snake problems he is my HERO THANK YOU SO MUCH so if you have a animal problem call him.
Michael Lewis Rating Review posted on
Jul 28, 2015
We have been with Canton Termite And Pest Control for nearly 12 years. Tim has been an outstanding professional and person. He was able to control a tough situation when we bought our house and he has always provided tips for securing gaps and other areas in our home. The company has always been honest and available at all times. I highly recommend this company to anyone in the area!
Dan Baum Rating Review posted on
Jul 18, 2015
My wife and I have not used a pest service in years. Then one day, we needed one, and selected Canton Termite and Pest Control, really because it was a local Cherokee company and we like to support businesses in our county. I had no idea how awesome Tim and his team were going to be, just pure luck with our selection. As many of the other reviews have stated, Tim and his team are great to work with, always arriving when they say they will and stand firmly behind the work they do. We couldn’t be happier with the services we have received. My wife and I intend to remain steadfast customers of Canton Termite and Pest Control well into the future.
Bill Palmer Rating Review posted on
Jul 11, 2015
Excellent service! Tim is responsive, through and professional. I have worked with Tim for many years and he has solved the issues I had with wasps, ants, carpenter bees, and spiders. I’m very happy with the service and the results. Very trustworthy.
Amanda Candelario Rating Review posted on
Jul 3, 2015
Tim took the time to explain everything about carpenter bees to me. He was prompt, polite, and his prices are the best around. Awesome customer service!

cropped-logo-SQ.jpg “I am writing as follow-up to my family’s direct experience with Mr. Tim McWhirter of Canton Termite & Pest Control – for about 14 years.  When considering the selection of a pest control provider for my family, we considered two issues:-My wife is disabled.  If I am not here, is she safe and, most important, comfortable with the provider we select being in our house if she is alone?-Is the provider up to date with current regulations; knowlegible re methods, solutions and practical experience with our requirements. We have a family dog and, while we want the pests dealt with, don’t want to expose our precious dog to any negative implications involved with treatment.

   As you would imagine, we have, over the many years, become well acquainted with Tim and his staff.  They are seriously technically competent, family oriented people who I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone for their pest control requirement. What’s not to like? Pricing is competitive, we feel safe with them in our house; they are current with regulations and are experienced with almost any circumstance that will arise!”

M. Romeo, Waleska Georgia


“When I called  Tim McWhirter at Canton Termite and Pest to come out and help me with a pest problem at one of my rental houses, he was “Johnny on the spot”. They are reliable and efficient. Money well spent.  I would highly recommend them to take care of your pest problems.”

Jeff Rusbridge, Cherokee Chamber of Commerce Chairman


“Tim McWhirter, Canton Termite and Pest, has been doing my pest service for years.  He is always on time, always goes above and beyond with his service and is very professional, courteous, and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him to anyone having a termite or pest problem.”

Bruce Sutter, Former Atlanta Brave Pitcher, Hall of Fame Inductee, Cartersville Georgia


‘It’s getting more & rarer to find a service company that actually knows what they’re doing, combined with a sense of integrity. With that in mind, we feel very lucky to have found Canton Termite and Pest Control.  I had a problem with rodents and bugs. They took care of both issues at once.  Tim is very knowledgeable, courteous & kind and the cost was very reasonable. I will recommended Canton Termite and Pest Control to all of my friends.”

Susan Tuggle, Canton GA

“I have used Canton Termite and Pest Control for 10+ years. They do a terrific job, there dependable and trustworthy. I recommend them to all my friends.”

Ann Johnson, Waleska Georgia 

Amen sister; your husband totally runs his pest control business with a drive for success!!
Communication is spot on, reliability is top notch, and goes above and beyond to prove he is the master at pest removal !! So thankful he takes care of our family home. Happy New Year!!

 Lori Lambert, Canton GA

“My daughter and son-in-law are very successful Realtors who also live in Bridgemill. This is a copy of a message I sent to her today; I wrote: “My new Pest Control guy, Tim McWhirter, 770-479-1598, a strong Christian, is doing a great job, and always looking to help Real Estate Agents. One of his customers is former Brave pitcher, Bruce Sutter. His ratings online are impressive too.”

Nick Blase Canton Georgia

It was great to speak with you last week. Thank you for sharing the video of the drywood termites. I must admit that I have seen a lot of videos of drywood termites and that is by far the best.

It looks like the termite is Incisitermes minor, or the western drywood termite. That species is the most common
drywood termite in the Southwestern U.S., indicating that the picture frame was there at some point.

Great video. Congratulations on doing such a good job.
Dr. Phil Koehler Professor Department of Entomology and Nematology, at University of Florida


I would like to personally thank all our great customer for all the years of Business, and their kind words. We love living and working in Cherokee County.  We are overwhelmed by God’s blessing and provision. 

Do you see a man who is skilled in his work?

He will stand before kings; He will not stand before

obscure men.

Proverbs 22:29

Call us Today for Termite,Pest or Wildlife control.
By: Tim
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Do it yourself pest control

Do-it-yourself  pest control

In my line of work, I have had numerous conversations with people, both friends and customers, who ask me about tips for Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. A quick Google search will reveal thousands of product ads, articles, and videos that provide “Tips” and “Solutions” for all your Pest Control needs. While some of these products are effective in dealing with pest problems, many of them do not work nearly as well as professional grade products. Also, professional expertise in the application of such products is often needed for positive results. In an effort to clear up a lot of confusion, I am here to provide a few tips for your Do-It-Yourself Pest Control needs.

german cockroach

Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that dealing with a problem without professional expertise often is problematic. I learned that lesson myself when I attempted to “DIY” my home electrical system to save money. After the electrical burns healed, I decided that it was a job better left to someone more qualified than me.

Pest control is similar, and as a result these tips will not always protect you from pest problems. They will, however, significantly lower your chances of an infestation and save you money.

The easiest way to deal with pest infestations is to make sure they do not become a problem in the first place. Start by keeping food well sealed, doors and windows closed, cleaning out attics, and repairing any holes in your home. Pests often enter homes either through open doors and windows or through any structural openings, therefore dealing with those problems lowers your chances of having any infestations.

It is also important to limit any potential habitats and food sources for insects and pests, and this will lower the chances of infestations.

If you begin to suspect that you do have an infestation in your home or any structure, it is important to find out what type of insect or pest is the culprit. This can sometimes be difficult for those without professional training, but a good start is discovering what area the infestation is centered around. If you find any droppings in the house, you can discover the type of animal that left it behind fairly easily.

With insects, however, identification becomes more difficult. Many species of insects leave behind similar markings and different subspecies can look almost identical to the untrained eye. While online research can sometimes assist you in the identification, it is by no means a perfected method. Some insects and pests also do structural damage that is impossible to see without getting inside of walls and difficult to reach areas, and as a result can go unnoticed for years without regular inspections.

Infestations vary in the methodology for treating them. Some problems can be dealt with using only one pesticide or a type of trap, but others are more tricky. Certain types of insects, such as bedbugs, are impossible to deal with without professional expertise and products, and many times DIY products do not completely remove an infestation from a home.

Certain products will only damage the infesting insect or pest, leaving it to come back at a later time. Some products are even worse, and can scatter infestations rather than destroying them. This causes the pests to spread out and actually creates a bigger problem.

Certain pests, such as bats, are protected and only those licensed by the Department of Natural Resources are legally able to interact with and control infestations. As a result, only professionals can deal with those types of infestations in your home.Do it your self

Dealing with pest problems without professional help can sometimes come with risks. Bees, wasps, scorpions, and rats are just a few potentially hazardous creatures you might interact with. Some infestations can be dangerous to try to remove, and homeowners risk potential injury from attempting to do so, especially those with allergies.

Disease and bacteria can often be rampant in infestations, so it is important to wear appropriate safety equipment and disinfect any areas where infestations have occurred. In more severe infestations, it can sometimes not be financially practical for homeowners to deal with the problem themselves.

Often the required products, safety gear, disinfecting chemicals, and the time spent dealing the with problem are greater than the cost of a professional solution. As a result, homeowners should do research to find out about the comparative costs of a DIY solution versus a professional service.

In conclusion, like plumbing and electrical work, pest control can be a challenge without professional expertise, and just like you don’t want to flood your house or be electrocuted, you don’t want a severe infestation to go unchecked inside of your home. While DIY products do have some degree of effectiveness, your best bet is to prevent the infestation from occurring in the first place through exclusion and sanitation measures.

If you live in or near Cherokee County or any neighboring Georgia counties, and you feel out of your depth with your pest problems, remember that Canton Termite and Pest Control offers FREE Inspections and FREE Estimates.

We will help you identify your problem and help you solve it QUICKLY and SAFELY!

Call us today at 770-479-1598 to schedule your appointment.

By Tim

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NPMA-National Pest Management Month

cropped-logo-SQ.jpgNational Pest Management Month

We celebrate a lot of events in April. Birthdays occur, spring is upon us, school is almost out, Easter eggs pop up in the yard, and some celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday! April is quite an interesting month, no? This fourth month of the year also hosts National Pest Management Month. Throughout the rest of the year there is Termite Awareness Week, Bed Bug Awareness Week, and Rodent Awareness Week. Combined, all of these events provide great stimulus for education on pest management for your family and community.

According to the National Pest Management Association,

“The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) celebrates April as National Pest Management Month, an observance that has been taking place for more than 30 years. National Pest Management Month honors the professional pest control industry for playing a key role in protecting both health and property from significant pest-borne threats.

‘The NPMA is pleased to have the opportunity to publicly recognize the important work that pest professionals do every day during National Pest Management Month,’ says Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the NPMA. ‘In honor of National Pest Management Month, the NPMA is dedicated to raising public awareness about the risks posed by household pests and encouraging homeowners to take proactive steps to prevent pest infestations in their homes and properties.’

Pest such as termites, rodents and carpenter ants can cause extensive property damage by chewing through walls, flooring and even electrical wiring. Other pests, including ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches and stinging insects pose health threats to humans. Ticks can spread Lyme disease, while mosquitoes can carry West Nile virus. Cockroach allergens can trigger asthma attacks, while stinging insects send more than half a million people to the emergency room every year.

During April, the NPMA recommends that homeowners follow these tips to prevent pest infestations:

Seal up cracks and small openings along the foundation of the house.
Eliminate sources of moisture or standing water.
Keep tree branches and other plants cut back from the house.
Keep kitchens clean by wiping counters and emptying the garbage frequently.
Keep all food containers sealed.
Avoid leaving pets’ food dishes out for long periods of time.
Keep trash containers clean and sealed, both indoors and outdoors.
Screen windows and doors.
If you see signs of pests or suspect an infestation, contact a licensed pest professional.” (

Margaret Ely of the Washington Post has this to say about National Pest Management Month:
“It’s no reason to celebrate, but the National Pest Management Association has deemed April as National Pest Management Month. And for good reason: Early spring is swarming termite season, when young adult termites emerge en masse. Jim Fredericks, director of technical services for the association, said the “swarmer’s” surface to mate, form their own colonies and feed.
‘There will be thousands of termites in a colony,’ Fredericks said. ‘You never know how many are feeding on your house.’ “ (
As mentioned above, April is a time in which bugs and animals will thrive, reproduce, and swarm any areas they can find food and shelter. Particularly, April is a good time to have a professional come out and check your house for termites and other infesting insects. If you need someone to check your house for termites or any other kind of bug, call us at Canton Termite and Pest Control at 770-479-1598 today!
When you consider the amount of activity your family will probably take part in during the warmer months of the year, it becomes almost inevitable that someone will get stung or bitten by an insect. If you need information on how to respond to bugs of all kinds around your home, and perhaps learn more about the bugs themselves, then find that information on our website at
Want to know more about Termite Awareness Week? From March 13th-19th, there is a huge focus termites and how they impact your community. If you want to learn more about termites, then go to our website (hyperlinked above) and read about the most common species of termites in the southeast! You will tend to find Subterranean termites, which cause BILLIONS of dollars in damage to homes every year!
The next week that is focused on is Bed Bug Awareness Week, from June 5th-11th. . A single pregnant bed bug can produce an entire infestation in a matter of weeks. The general lifespan can produce an adult bed bug in as briefly as two months, with each phase of their life cycle up to that point lasting about a week. The adult bed bug can live for around 300 days with a good food supply, amply supplied by human donors or pets. If you need to know more about bed bugs, then go to our website or call at 770-479-1598! We would be happy to come and do a free 58-point pest analysis! We provide service throughout zip codes of 30115, 30114, 30183, and 30107 and around these areas.

To learn more about National Pest Management Month, go to the websites below!

The Washington Post:

By: Tim

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Termites in Cherokee County Georgia

Eastern Subterranean Termite Inspection and control

Subterranean termites are a species of termite that is the most widely seen in all of America. Higher concentrations of the subterranean termite population will be found in the southeast region, which of course includes Georgia. This article will provide you with beneficial information about the subterranean termite.

Subterranean termites will definitely be most active in warm weather, swarming in the spring or at any point in time where rain warms the soil and moistens it dramatically. They will continue to reproduce as long as they are not hibernating, which, if they are protected from extreme cold and other elements, may never occur. Termites devour anything containing cellulose, which ranges from wood to art canvases. The subterranean termite species causes BILLIONS of dollars in damage per year, and will affect more houses and other buildings in high-activity areas. According to the University of California’s Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program,
“Subterranean termites are common throughout California and can be found infesting fallen trees, stumps, or other dead wood in contact with the soil in the forest, landscape, or structural lumber in our houses. The species of economic importance are within the genera Reticulitermes, Heterotermes, and Coptotermes. Other genera of subterranean termites found in California are mostly restricted to the desert areas in the southeastern corner of the state and are generally not important pests.

The most common subterranean termites, Reticulitermes, can be encountered in nearly all regions of the state, from the sand dunes of the coast to the upper elevations of the mountain ranges and even in some of the desert areas. The species of Reticulitermes are the most destructive termites found in California. They are small in size compared to dampwood and drywood termites, but mature colonies can contain hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Reproductive winged forms of subterranean termites are dark brown to brownish-black with brownish-gray wings. On warm, sunny days following fall or spring rains, swarms of reproductives may be seen emerging en masse from their underground nests. Soldiers are wingless with light caramel-colored bodies and long, narrow amber-colored heads with no eyes. Workers are slightly smaller than reproductives, wingless, and have a shorter head than soldiers; their color is similar to that of soldiers.

In the Sonoran Desert of southeastern California, Heterotermes aureus is the most destructive species of subterranean termites. This species has light-brown winged forms that fly in the early evening and are attracted to lights. Another destructive species in this group, the Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes formosanus, is native to China but now established in California, thus far restricted to a small area near San Diego. Unlike the native Reticulitermes but similar to Heterotermes, Formosan subterranean termites swarm at dusk and are attracted to lights.

LIFE CYCLETermites in Cherokee County
Termite colonies are self-perpetuating. When the colony is composed of a large number of individuals, often thousands, a small percentage of individuals develop into winged reproductives (alates or swarmers) that then leave the nest, flying in swarms to mate, disperse, and establish new colonies. Most of these reproductives perish during the flight due to predation by birds, lizards, ants, or other insects. The time of day and year when flights occur varies with species and geographic location. Reticulitermes species swarms during the afternoon in either spring or fall on clear days after a soaking rain. Heterotermes aureus flies in the late afternoon or early evening in July, August, and September. Coptotermes formosanus, although rare in California, flies in the late evening and is attracted to lights. In buildings with heated basements, termites occasionally fly inside during winter.

New kings and queens are winged during their early adult life and generally fly less than 100 meters from their colony. Once they land on the ground they find a mate and begin the search for a nest site. A colony begins when a mated pair constructs a small underground chamber, which they enter and seal. Soon afterward mating occurs and the female begins laying eggs.

Most species of termites have microscopic one-celled organisms, called protists, within their intestines that help in converting otherwise indigestible cellulose from wood into food for the colony. Both the king and queen feed the young on predigested food, thereby transferring these intestinal protists until the new brood is able to feed themselves. Once workers are produced, the king and queen are fed by them and cease feeding on wood.

Surprisingly, termites can be long lived; queens and kings can have a life span of a decade or more, while individual workers can live for one to several years.”

logo SQIf you have a need for a pest control professional to provide you with a free inspection, then call us at Canton Termite and Pest Control today with 770-479-1598! We provide service throughout Cherokee County Georgia and surrounding areas. Have a blessed day!

By: Tim


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Pest Control service in Canton Georgia


Canton Termite and Pest Control often gets calls to control silverfish in private homes. The first sign of this insect is when you find holes in clothing and paper goods such as books.
Family: Lepismatidae, Silverfish
Description 3/8-1/2″ (9-13 mm). Tapering, carrot-shaped. Silver-gray, coated with scales. Threadlike antennae and 3 tail filaments, all shorter than body. Small black eyes. Maxillary palps.
Foods they prefer include dried cereals, flour, glue, and starch (including stiffeners used in clothing and bound books and coated papers used in magazines).
The silverfish’s life cycle begins when oval, white eggs are dropped in select places such as bathrooms and closets week after week. Eggs hatch in 2-8 weeks. Nymphs, 1/8-1/4″ (4-5 mm), have the same body form as adults. In the South, full size is attained in about 2 years, longer time is needed in the North.

Habitat- Indoors in warm, dry, or damp places, (including closets, bookcases, behind baseboards, in partitions, or in bathtubs).

Range-Worldwide in temperate climates.

Discussion-This insect has a scaly covering that helps it to escape from the grip of ants and spiders. Silverfish can survive without food for months.
We usually need to treat the attic and crawl space to control this pest.
If you live in Canton, BallGround, Jasper, Woodstock, or Cartersville, give us here at Canton Termite and Pest Control a call today.

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Pest Control service in Canton Georgia – Canton Termite & Pest

I made a Pest Control stop today in Woodstock Georgia. The homeowner was seeing bees flying around his landscaping.


Canton Termite and Pest Control provides service to Woodstock, Canton, Jasper, Ball Ground, and the surrounding area.

Call Canton Termite and Pest Control today at 770-479-1598 and ask for a FREE Termite inspection of your home or office.

I hope to hear from you soon!



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Termite Control Woodstock Ga.- Termite Inspection

Recent Statistics about Termite Damage

Once a termite infestation is identified, it can be difficult to determine how long the colony has been established in the home. Typically, colonies take more than five years to grow to a size capable of causing damage. Two recent statistics on termite damage on a national and per homeowner level include:

1. Each year, termites and similar pests cause an estimated $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the U.S. Home and Wild fires do only 7 billion in damage per year.


2. A homeowner who discovers termite damage will spend an average of $3,000 to repair the damage. Termite treatment programs average from $450-$1500.




Give us a call today at 770-479-1598 and ask for a FREE Termite inspection of your home or office.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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Mosquito Service in Cherokee County Georgia

Canton Termite and Pest Control-Mosquito Control Service




Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous insect pests that affect the health and well being of humans and domestic animals worldwide. If environmental conditions allow for their reproduction, vast populations of mosquitoes can occur.  Female mosquitoes require a blood meal to produce their eggs, and they produce a painful bite. While feeding, they can transmit a number of disease-causing organisms to humans and animals. The diseases these organisms cause includes: encephalitis, dengue fever, filariasis, yellow fever, and malaria. This is not a neighbor anyone wishes to have in their backyard! Canton Termite and Pest Control can help rid your yard of these blood-thirsty invaders.

Mosquitoes are flies with slender bodies, delicate legs, and scaled wings. The mosquito life cycle is an example of complete metamorphosis. There are four distinct stages in the life of a mosquito; egg, larva, pupa and adult.

A few days after acquiring a blood meal the female mosquito lays eggs. Depending on the species the eggs can be laid singly or in rafts, on the surface of the water, on the sides of containers, or on damp soil.

After the eggs hatch, the larvae or “wrigglers”, swim in the water and feed on microorganisms or decaying matter. There are four growth phases in the larva’s life, called instars. The larvae must come to the surface of the water to breath (with the exception of a few specialized mosquitoes).

Mosquito larvae have a siphon at the tail end of the body. The siphon permits larvae to breath by penetrating the surface of the water to access air directly.

The life cycle of the mosquito is important to note. After a few days, the adult mosquito emerges from the pupal skin and flies away. Only a few days until they are ready to become a pest in your family’s yard. The female mosquitoes take blood meals, and the blood is used to produce eggs.

If you have concerns about the health of your family being affected by these disease-carrying pests, let Canton Termite and Pest Control help. We can make your home a more pleasant and safe place to be this summer.

Give us a call today to set up your mosquito prevention plan.

Here’s to helping YOU live PEST FREE!


PS. Call today at 770-479-1598 and ask about our FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office!



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Canton Termite and Pest Control- Crickets


I am often asked about spiders in basements that are not spiders at all.  They are actually cave crickets!

In crawl spaces, the cave cricket’s  habit of jumping on anything that moves can certainly startle a person .

I was looking for termites under a house in Ball Ground, Georgia, one day, when I pulled down some insulation overhead and about a thousand crickets dropped on my head. I’ve been at this job for 25 years, but that made me stop, drop, and roll!

Rhaphidophoridae includes the cave weta, cave crickets, camelback crickets, camel crickets and spider crickets.

Given their limited vision, cave crickets will often jump towards any perceived threat in an attempt to frighten it away. Although they look intimidating, they are completely harmless.

If you need help eliminating cave crickets in your home, call Canton Termite and Pest Control today at 770-479-1598 and ask for me, Tim McWhirter. I’ll be happy to speak with you.

Here’s to helping YOU live PEST FREE!


PS. Call Canton Termite and Pest Control today at 770-479-1598 for a FREE Pest Consultation and FREE Estimate!

Also, ask about our FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office!


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5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Wow, awesome service and can do attitude! We have been bothered by critters in the attic, flying squirrels, for some time. After many sleepless nights, home remedies, and ear plugs, we knew we had to do something else. We called one of the "big" companies and got a "huge" price with no other options.. We knew there had to be a better way so we called Canton Termite and Pest Control. William came out and did a thorough inside and outside inspection , quickly figured out the problem, and fixed it just about as fast. He thought the problem was solved but left traps in place for a few days. After five of the best sleep nights we have had in months we are convinced the problem has been well corrected. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Canton Termite and Pest Control for any job they feel qualified to take on. Many Thanks, Gary Brumage, Lake Arrowhead, Waleska

Jamie O'Neill
Jamie O'Neill

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Just wanted to thank our exterminator Joel @Canton Termite for not only responding very quickly when we had a minor insect infestation but for ensuring we stay bug free with our normal service. He always gives us plenty of notice and arrives on time and does a very professional job. Also want to thank the entire team... Tim, Ed, William and Brent for doing an awesome job with my home and my rental homes for the last few years. Keep up the great work...

valerie hultquist
valerie hultquist

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

HONEST, HELPFUL, NOT IN BUSINESS TO RIP PEOPLE OFF! I called this company and spoke with a gentleman regarding a strange substance on the exterior of our home. I thought it might be termites because the paint was removed from the area as though it was being eaten. He asked me to email him a photo. He called me back and assured me it was not termites. He and the owner of the company gave me some suggestions of how to treat this mold-type substance. This could have easily gone in the opposite direction and charged me lots of $ to investigate a pest problem. No need to wonder if you will get a fair, honest deal with this company. They have a perfect 5 star rating because they have earned it the old fashioned way - by being honest.

James Pritchett
James Pritchett

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Last year the Cherokee County senior center assisted in me in finding a company to take care of a roach infestation in my home. I had tried several companies but I kept paying and the roaches never went away. William Botts with Canton Termite and Pest control came out and in 2 treatments got the job done. I am on a fixed income and appreciated the integrity and quality of this company. Today I realized I never thanked Canton Termite and Pest Control. I am thankful for what they did for me and refer my friends and anyone else who ask. They get the job done!

Debra Wright
Debra Wright

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Great customer service and prompt attention! William came out and did our initial application, but we need more treatment. Ed called me in no time and set up another treatment, same day! When Brent came out he was so professional and friendly! Took care of the application quickly, reassuring us that they are there whenever we need them! So glad I am using Canton Termite and Pest Control now for my pest services!

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